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Mission Statement

The Regal Swan® Foundation, Inc. is committed to providing humane treatment and veterinary medical care for swans worldwide (both captive and wild), through education, research, conservation, swan rescue and swan product development.


"Swans of The World Habitat"® is an elite designation endowed by The Regal Swan® Foundation to the OWNER with the highest recognition of a swan habitat in which all seven species of swans are nurtured and cared for in ONE location. More importantly, it is a swan habitat in which the OWNER conscientiously works to achieve this designation, adopts and enforces all RSF Policies, Procedures, and Practices for swan habitat conseservation.    


Conservation and preservation projects for swans within their natural habitats are crucial goals of The Regal Swan® Foundation, Inc.  In order to provide these necessary research grounds for RSF research teams to study swan species, the RSF co-establishes swan habitats with OWNERS around the world.  In addition, these swan habitats not only showcase various swan species to wild bird lovers everywhere, but educate humankind about the critical need for their preservation and the conservation of their natural habitats.  


The Regal Swan® has been recognized for its volunteer efforts to provide humane treatment and veterinary medical care for swans worldwide.  Some of its prestigious awards include:

                                                                                               Jefferson Award for Community Service

                                                                             U.S. Daily Point of Light Award Honoree for Volunteerism

 Governor's Daily Point of Light Award for Volunteerism (Florida)

Featured by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as Scientist of the Month
                                          for September 2010  (http://www.iucn.org/iyb/iucn_action_22/our_scientists/?6132/swan-doctors) for RSF's
conservation of swan species and preservation of swan habitats

Sheila Bolin, CEO/President nominated for the Prestigious Indianapolis Prize and named as one of the top 39 conservationists in the world.


KNOX SWANS (www.canadiangoosecontrol.com)

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Our new book:  Swans of the World Habitats: Setting the Standard for Swan Conservation

is available for a tax deductible donation of $42.00 + $9 shipping & handling

www.paypal.com  (The Regal Swan Foundation, Inc.)


1305 E. Robinson St.
Orlando, FL 32803
(407) 931-6838

All Photos by Shirley A. Bolin and Rebecca Webb Wilson, Copyright 2011, Used by permission.





























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