The Regal Swan® Foundation's professional volunteer staff will guide you through the various phases of Swan Habitat Development. Each  of these phases will guide you through a design and development of a  natural habitat that will, not only serve as a humane setting for your  swans, but will also enhance the natural beauty of your property to provide you  and your visitors with endless hours of enjoyment.

The Regal Swan® habitat development consultation process will provide  you with information regarding pond aeration, aquatic and habitat  vegetation, habitat adornments, swan feeding systems, nesting platforms,  swan veterinary care products, habitat monitoring and care logs,  and swan medical record keeping.  RSF can also provide resources for  avian or exotic veterinarians in your area with the expertise in  providing emergency and general veterinary medical care for your swans. 

In addition to consulting, The Regal Swan® staff will also provide the  necessary training to help you prepare a competent swan habitat field  team to assist in the numerous responsibilities that a swan habitat  requires.

Once  the first FOUR Phases have been completed and all their individual  requirements have been met, the habitat will be deemed a humane habitat  for swans. Accordingly, The Regal Swan® Foundation will present the  OWNER with the RSF Partnership Agreement and Official  Certificate endorsing the habitat as an Official RSF Swan Habitat or an  Official "Swans of the World Habitat"®.   This Official RSF Certificate can be proudly displayed in signage,  press releases, or other pertinent advertisement relating to the Swan  Habitat.

The Five Phases of Swan Habitat Development

 I. Design

II.  Development

III.  Training  

IV.  Official Adoption

V.  The Conservation of Swan Habitats