Humane Treatment Practices

 It is the policy of the Regal Swan® Foundation, Inc., to consistently provide humane treatment practices for swans at all times. 

An Official RSF  Swan Habitat provides and maintains humane treatment practices for swans  through training, consultation, education, the use of veterinary  medical care and equipment specific to swan handling and transport as  well as pertinent documentation of the individuals caring for the swans  and the specific care provided.

Owners of a swan habitat will ensure humane treatment of swans through:

  • Supplemental food that is adequate and readily available for the number and types of swans present in the habitat. 
  • Prompt veterinary medical care and attention to healthy swans as well as to injured or sick swans. 
  • Use  of RSF Swan Veterinary Sling and RSF Swan Veterinary Harness when  warranted for handling and transportation of swans to a vet. 
  • Use of the least stressful and most humane capture equipment and protocols. 
  • Diligent record keeping and documentation of the individuals providing the care and the care/treatment rendered.  
  • Adequate and safe nesting platforms or nesting alternatives 
  • Indoor critical care facility or access to veterinary medical facility for holding swans in need of critical care 
  • Veterinary medical water pens 
  • Emergency Disaster Plan 
  • Annual Veterinary Medical Check-ups 

 Mute Swan in RSF Swan Veterinary Sling getting weighed during its veterinary medical exam.
The RSF Swan Veterinary Slings were developed by Angi Perretti and Walking~Works~of~Art.